Brighton Bathing Boxes

Over 80 unique and colourful European-style wooden bathing boxes line the spotless sand of Brighton Beach.

Dating back to the 1860s, there were once as many as 200 boxes that ensured beachside modesty and convenience. Being on the water’s edge, many washed away but the remaining ones were moved to safety.

The rainbow bright boxes are often used in television shows and advertisements, and promise joy-filled backgrounds to family photos. With views of the city – from the beach or nearby Green Point –, native shrub, white sand, inviting blue water and endless sky, Brighton Beach has unmatched locations for outstanding wedding and special occasion photos.

Or just enjoy their colour and history while you’re having a swim or walking along the beach.

To get to Brighton Beach, follow The Esplanade to Green Point car park, or take the Sandringham train to Brighton station.

Today, the boxes are owned and maintained by members of the Brighton Bathing Box Association, which was formed around 1935 to preserve local foreshore heritage and culture.