A leisurely two-hour tour

Option 1: Catch the Sandringham train from the city to Middle Brighton. Start with a wander down Church Street for fashion and a stop at cafe. Pass the church, cross the road to Normanby Street and pick up the Coastal Trail at the Brighton Baths. Follow the trail south along the foreshore and past the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Return to The Esplanade and cross at South Road to Brighton Beach station for your return trip.

Option 2: Catch the Sandringham train from the city to Brighton Beach station. Cross the road and go to the north end of Green Point for a breathtaking view of the city or a short walk to the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Turn around and follow the Coastal Trail south to the seawall and cross Beach Road to Small Street to the shopping haven and cafes of Hampton Street. Catch the return train at Hampton station (also on Hampton Street).

Option 3: Catch the Sandringham train from the city to the last stop at Sandringham. Visit the Sandringham shops and cafes before taking a very short walk to the foreshore. Here you can see the 1920s Band Rotunda or go for swim. Walk south along the Coastal Trail for an amazing view of Red Bluff and Half Moon Bay.

Option 4: Catch the Sandringham train from the city and get off anywhere from Gardenvale to Sandringham and explore!

Take Beach Road along the coast and make as many stops as you want to –timed parking ticket can be used throughout Bayside, so you only need to buy one.  Perhaps start at the cafe at the end of North Road for your first taste of Bayside. This is the start of the Coastal Trail, with yachts to the west and mansions to the east.

Or head along North Road boulevard to see beautiful churches and Kamesborough, Bayside’s premier mansion. Turn south down Asling Street to visit the Bay Street and Church Street shopping precincts. After the buzz of the shops, head back to the coast for the unforgettable view from Green Point. Continue south down Beach Road to Half Moon Bay for the Sandringham Yacht Club and the huddle of boatsheds-cum-cafes looking over the bay and the Cerberus shipwreck off Black Rock

The last stop is at the end of the 17-kilometre Coastal Trail at Ricketts Point. Here you can explore the rock pools or the historic cliff path where famous artists like Streeton, Roberts and Withers once sketched.

By bike
You can do the same trips by bike. The Coastal Trail has bike paths with amazing views and bikes are allowed on trains.

Getting to Bayside
There is plenty of public transport to Bayside suburbs.

The Sandringham line and some stops on the Frankston line.

Some trams get close to Bayside, if you want a walk.

Buses travel to and from Bayside, many along the scenic coastal route.
For detailed information, go to Public Transport Victoria.