Waterside Experiences


Sandy’s J7 Sub
Sail out of Sandringham Yacht Club to see a piece of maritime history, the remains of the submarine HMAS J7.

Built in England in 1915, the J-class submarine was then the world’s fastest. Submarine J7 was stripped and scuttled as a breakwater at the Sandringham Yacht Club in 1930.

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary
Sloping sandstone cliffs jut into the bay by Beaumaris where the rock at the water’s edge has been worn down to a series of easily-accessible rock pools that are filled fascinating sea life.

The diverse habitat of the 115-hectare Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary can be explored from the shore or the sea. Inshore rocks are covered in green and red algae that shelter a myriad of small creatures, including tiny brittle stars, bristle worms and crustaceans. The soft sea floor is covered in patches of green sea grass and kelp attached to small rocks. And the offshore reefs are home to many species of fish and flora.